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Here are some things on the web that are relevant to us.

bulletMedecins sans Frontieres - These people actually know what they are doing and why. Everyone should know what they are doing. Why will quickly become obvious.
bullet Prospect-Sierra School - Where our kids are learning a lot!
bullet What David actually does for a living.
bulletWhere he will be working in June and July-August.
bulletIn case you read Dutch.
bulletLalime's - A really good restaurant owned by some really good friends.
bullet About trout - an important subculture in our family.
bullet About the heavens - another important subculture.
bullet More that NASA can show you.
bullet Night Vision - An interesting measure of "civilization" (and waste) as a percent of total planetary surface area.

Universal Workshop - A place of brilliant astronomy, human rights, language, history, Native Americans, Troy, voting, libraries, bicycling, poetry, watercolors . . .

bullet Hyojun Akita - the people who brought us our wonderful dog Kuma.





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