Hong Kong

What a town!

The name means Fragrant Port, and it is certainly a port with many fragrances. To get there from California, you have to spend at least fourteen hours on the plane

When you arrive, you are faced with about eight hours of jet lag. This means you can stay up most of the night and watch ships from your hotel room like we did:

When you finally wake up and get out, there are many, many things to see and smell.

Old ferries all around the harbour (<- how they spell it),

a lot of British influence

and too fancy restaurants

Day or night, you can also take one of the world's steepest trams up a mountain

and see the whole city.

By the way, all those huge skyscrapers were built from bamboo scaffolding!

Here's how they do it, by hand, day after day,

often hundreds of feet up in the air. If you want to know how to climb these, Jackie Chan shows you in Rush Hour 2 (Haniel: "Very funny, but lot's of bad language.").